Our School

Jabiru Community College (JCC) is a small, independent, non-government school that provides a flexible, personalised education experience for young people in years 10, 11 and 12. Our school is small by design and is made up of up to 80 students. Members of the college – young people and staff – support each other to explore and learn through their passions and interests and develop their personal agency. Our learning community strives to live out the principles of Respect, Relationships, Responsibilities, Rights and Reflection (the 5 Rs).

Who can enrol at JCC?

The College is for any young person who is:

  • seeking a personalised and holistic approach to learning in grades 10, 11 or 12.
  • not currently enrolled in any other full-time training, education or employment programs

How is learning organised at JCC?

At JCC we implement the Big Picture Education Australia design for learning. In this model:

  • learners are members of an Advisory Group of no more than 16;
  • group Members are supported (& support each other) to develop their own individual learning plan and pursue projects based around their personal interests & passions;
  • learning takes place both at the college and in the wider community through internships and other external learning options; and
  • 4 times per year learners exhibit their learning to a panel of their peers, teachers, mentors and parents/carers.

You can read more about how JCC implements the Big Picture Model of Learning here.