Statement of Commitment to the Safety and Wellbeing of Children and the Protection of Children from Harm

Safe and fulfilling lives for children and young people

You can find more details about what Workers and Volunteers at JCC must do in relation to the HARM of Young People in the following policies:

  1. Child Protection Risk Management Strategy
  2. Child Protection Policy

The mission of the Jabiru Community College is to be a safe and creative learning community where young people from diverse backgrounds can take up their human right to a 21st Century education.

The safety and wellbeing of the children and young people attending Jabiru Community College or its activities are our paramount concern. We are committed to creating a child safe and child friendly environment where all children and young people are valued and safe.

Jabiru Community College promotes the safety of children as a shared responsibility between our leadership and staff, young people and visitors and the wider community.

Jabiru Community College’s values of relationships, reflection, respect, responsibility and rights establish a supportive and safe environment where we promote and protect human rights and support and respect all children and young people and their families so children and young people are empowered and valued.

Jabiru Community College upholds our obligation to protect children and young people from harm while engaged or in any way associated with our College. We will do everything in our power to prevent child abuse, neglect and exploitation, identify risks early and remove these risks.

Jabiru Community College has zero tolerance of child abuse and we take any allegations or suspicions of harm seriously. We will create a culture of safety, and strictly follow all legislative and other requirements to report any harm or suspicions of harm to children that we come into contact with.

Jabiru Community College has robust staff and volunteer recruitment practices, a suite of policies and procedures that promote safety, a Code of Conduct and mandatory child safeguarding training to ensure that all our staff have the skills and knowledge to best support and care for children and young people.