Protecting Children

A Summary of JCC’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures

Every young person has a right to FEEL SAFE, and to BE SAFE from harm.

No one who works or volunteers with our school should ever harm a Young Person.

If a Worker at JCC hears that a Young Person has been, is being, or is likely to be harmed  (Physically or Sexually), the LAW says we MUST report this Harm.

If someone feels that a Worker or Volunteer is, or has been causing them or a Young Person HARM, they need to tell one of the Co-Principals – David Powell or Frances Missen.  They can do this by phoning the college on 07 3554 1799 and asking to speak with a Co-Principal.

If a Worker or Volunteer hears about HARM that a young person has experienced, or is experiencing, they must tell a Co-Principal – David Powell or Frances Missen.

If the HARM is or was Sexual Abuse, the school must write a report and notify the Police.

If the HARM is or was Physical Abuse, the school must write a report and notify The Department responsible for Child Safety.

You can find more details about what Workers and Volunteers at JCC must do in relation to the HARM of Young People in the following policies:

  1. Child Protection Risk Management Strategy
  2. Child Protection Policy