Please find below the college's plans to manage the safety of students, their families and significant others and staff.  The plan has been prepared in light of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the community.

We would like to draw particular attention to the college's plan to maintain high levels of hygiene and in particular mask-wearing.  Readers of this plan will notice JCC is asking all community members to maintain higher standards of mask wearing than in other settings.  We ask for your understanding and patience with this and would like to explain the reasons for this as follows:

  • A high proportion of our community members, especially family members of young people are members of more at risk community groups.  Evidence shows that mask wearing (along with social distancing) are two key ways we can help minimise the spread of covid in our community and increase the protection for these members in our community.
  • The nature of our program is that young people move around throughout the campus relatively freely based on their personalised and flexible timetables.  This means that we all interact with each other and a young person is not limited to sitting in a specific place (physically distanced from others) while inside the college. We have chosen to follow guidelines that fit this kind of movement (such as shopping centres and public venues) rather than the current school guidelines that have been written for a more traditional classroom based learning model - in which young people are limited in their movements within classrooms.
  • Given the personalised nature of our learning program, it can be difficult for staff and young people to maintain a 1.5 metre gap at all times. 
  • One simple rule is easier to follow and understand. Given the complexity of many of the health directives, this safeguard is one that we can simplify.
  • Unlike traditional learning settings, young people at JCC are free to move outside at any time where they can take a break from wearing a mask.
  • Because JCC applies a specialised approach to learning that is different to traditional/mainstream settings, JCC cannot draw upon a large pool of relief teachers to backfill staff who are sick or required to isolate.  For this reason we need to take extra precautions to try to reduce the chances of our staff contracting COVID so that we can maintain high staffing levels and keep the college open.

JCC’s focus here is on protecting our vulnerable community members and  doing our best to maintain the levels of staffing required to keep the school open for the duration of the pandemic.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.