PLEASE NOTE: The College is now closed for the Summer Holidays and will re-open on January 17.  If you wish to enrol for 2022, please call the college on or after January 17.

Who can enrol at JCC?

The College is for any young person who is:

  • seeking a flexible, holistic and supported approach to learning in grades 10, 11 or 12 of their senior years.
  • not currently enrolled in other full-time training, education or employment programs.

How do I enrol at JCC?

Phone the College on 3554 1799 and ask to arrange a 'Meet and Greet' with one of the College Co-Principals.

Our College Business Manager, Libby will set this meeting up for you.

The Meet and Greet is an opportunity for the young person and their family or support networks to learn more about the college and decide if enrolling is in the young person's best interests.

Enrolment forms and other paperwork required to formally enrol at the college can be completed at this meeting, or shortly after, if the young person and their supporters decide to enrol.

Once a young person has enrolled and completed the initial diagnostic testing process, they are ready to start attending.

Professional Referrals

If you are a social worker, guidance officer, counsellor, youth worker, psychologist (or similar) and would like to support a young person to enrol, in addition to the above process, please also complete this "Professional Referral Form" and bring it along with you to the meet'n'greet or email it to [email protected].